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I'd like to share my experience from an "insider's" point of view of this dog walking company. I worked for Thomas, the owner of FTLOD, about two years ago. I no longer work for him (I now live in another state), so this review will benefit me in no way.

Anyway, upon meeting Thomas, it is immediately apparent that he cares deeply and genuinely for the pets he takes care of. He is very calm and patient with the animals he works with, and I've seen him work extensively with his clients to ensure that they understand exactly what it takes to have a happy, healthy pet. When he hires a new walker, Thomas takes plenty of time to make sure that the walker is comfortable with the dogs on their route and ensures that the employee truly understands the needs of each dog they walk. As most people know, a good boss equals happy employees, and happy employees equal good service...and this is definitely the case with FTLOD. It seems that everyone, from the walkers to the pups to the pet owners, couldn't be happier with FTLOD.

Thomas also does behavioral training for dogs who need a little extra help, which I was able to make good use of when my husband and I brought home a new puppy who had trouble adjusting to his new environment. Thomas helped us think on the puppy's level and came up with many helpful solutions to his behavioral issues.

Having seen the company from the inside, I would definitely recommend FTLOD to anyone seeking pet care in the Alexandria area.

Victoria C.,